Ensures genuine relationship building and the establishment of referral channels between doctors with a mix of services.

Yes, in a perfect world, area-related doctors should, and would, refer to your hospital or practice based solely upon your stellar track record. However this is the real world, and in reality, professional referrals are largely based on relationships, both between doctors and between staffs.

We give monthly reporting about negative and positive feedback and we make sure we build and insure good referring relationships.

This will be a planned strategy with each doctor’s needs.

After all, building relationships is much more than having a pretty face, being friendly or giving out bagels. This job requires sales skills, discipline, self-motivation, a thick skin (rejection can be brutal) and the ability to not only make a success of meetings between doctors and staff, but to build relationships that last for years.

We also have experience in organizing CPD events – this is a huge medical marketing key. You get to interact with the ones you are building a relationship with.