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A unique portfolio of services to advance communications between doctors and patients, we ensure brand awareness for doctors and easy accessibility to the patients. DocLink provides high quality relationship building and creates a more efficient environment for doctors and patients.
We assist new and established practices and we custom design a package for you that will suit your needs and goals. We connect doctors with doctors and patients with doctors.

With marketing you ask yourself these questions a lot. Where should you do marketing? How often? When? What should it say? How should it be said? What is known to get results? To not get results? How to adjust your message for your different audiences? How can your ads outperform the competition?

Waldi van Schalkwyk Owner and founder DocLink started in March 2015, when I recognised the lack of communication in the medical community of marketing and networking which intervened with doctors’ busy schedules. “Communication is the single solution to most of our problems.” My passion for the health industry and my experience in marketing allows me to draw the best out of both special interests to the benefit of the client. I acquired a BCOM Marketing degree as well as a diploma in Public Relations. “Networking is not about the list of contacts you have; it’s about your relationships with those contacts.”


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